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For Online Merchants & Suppliers

Sonder is a private B2B marketplace that connects qualified online merchants and brick and mortar SMBs with vetted US suppliers. The platform is currently in beta and offers early adopters the opportunity to capitalize on new B2B relationships, streamline negotiation process, and enjoy the peace of mind of guaranteed transactions.

During beta, membership fees are waived for all users. Engage in a new sourcing & sales channel at no risk, and with no commitment.

What is Sonder?

What Benefits Does Sonder Bring You?

For Merchants

  1. Get 60-day Credit at no cost.
  2. Let Sonder work for you and find the products & brands you need across multiple categories.
  3. Connect with established suppliers and initiate long-term relationships. Leverage early adopter’s visibility & awareness. Identify new sourcing opportunities and offering, get competitive pricing, and negotiate exclusivity deals.
  4. Enjoy streamlined negotiation flow.
  5. Rely on Sonder 100% Buyer Protection.

For Suppliers

  1. Expose your products to new buyers while still being in control of price/quantity disclosure.
  2. Let Sonder work for you and connect you with the right merchants based on your specific requirements and sales restrictions.
  3. Connect with qualified merchants and initiate long-term relationships. Leverage early adopter’s visibility & awareness. Identify new sales channel opportunities.
  4. Enjoy streamlined negotiation flow.
  5. Say good bye to Net 30-120 and default risk with Sonder guaranteed payment upon shipping.

Become a Member

Sonder is the Optimum Sourcing Solution & B2B Sales Channel

Take advantage of this opportunity and accelerate your business by joining Sonder’s private beta program for FREE and with NO COMMITMENT!

You can also SCHEDULE A CALL with a member of our Customer Success Team if you have any questions.

A Future Look Into Sonder

Scan the market at a glance

Browse efficiently through categories, product types, sub-segments, and skus. View instantaneously starting prices by supplier, and suppliers’ description, rating, and reviews. Explore suppliers catalogs seamlessly.

Please note the features below do not represent the current Beta, but Version 1 of the platform to be released after the Beta Program.

Send RFQs to multiple suppliers at once

Seamless negotiation

Once you have chosen a product, you are able to view a price chart for the whole market, and a list of all the suppliers carrying this product. Select the suppliers you wish to reach out to, and submit an RFQ simultaneously to all of them at once.

Sonder provides you with a dashboard to review the status of all your RFQs. All communications with suppliers are saved in Sonder messaging system so you can track the evolution of your negotiations.

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